The South Lab

SEARCH is based in the historic Royal College Building in the heart of our campus in Glasgow City Centre. 

Pictured here in 1971, the laboratory was a power engineering research facility referred to as "The South Lab"


Royal College Building

The University Estates team transformed this historic space into the hi-technology facility we see today with an ambitious £2.5M renovation program.

The new laboratory is dedicated to manufacturing and in-process NDE inspection...

...and includes dedicated Class 4 laser facilities for non-contact measurements


Technology Innovation Centre

SEARCH Asset Inspection activities, mobile robotics and 3D metrology are housed in the Technology Innovation Centre

Mobile crawler and UAV robots are used to deliver measurements to fixed assets undergoing inspection

Precise 3D location measurements are made using photogrammetry and laser based location

SEARCH is based at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow

  • Asset Inspection
  • In-process NDE
  • Manufacturing